You know you have a great business idea and the ability to build success.

Unfortunately, banks and bankers can't see your vision and only want to lend money to people who don't need it.

Finally, Rocket Kapital solves this problem by focusing on:

Your Specific Situation and Information
Ways to Improve Your Chances of Getting Funded
And the Back-End 'How To' Do Everything You Need to Keep Growing Year After Year

Take advantage of the same knowledge and strategies that has financed over 6,000 businesses since 2008 to the tune of $450 million dollars.


"My experience with Rocket Kapital has been nothing short of amazing. I feel super confident sending my clients to raise working capital for business and personal needs. They are results-driven and will not stop until optimal performance is performed. The customer service and compliance team are so attentive to every client's needs. Nothing but gratitude I have for my team over at Rocket Kapital. I look forward to working with you guys for years to come."

Lila Green - Bonafide Funding

Take Advantage of the Rocket Kapital Program Today


No more long, agonizing forms to fill out only to have the bank say "NO". We help you get everything in order so you can often exceed your funding goal for...

Acquiring a Business
Starting a New Venture
Making Real Estate Investments
Buying out an Existing Partner
Expanding Your Business Operations
Investing into a New Franchise

"Start ups have limited options when it comes to funding. ROCKET KAPITAL has funded several of my customers and some of our start up capital as well.

When everyone else failed, we turned to ROCKET. By far this program is the best in our opinion. I have had positive experience after positive experience. They will not waste your time. Take advantage of it."


Troy Bohlke - 10 Day Media

We Make It Easier Than You Think...